Soccer and Society: The game's influence on humanity.

Sports, and in this case Soccer, have an uncanny ability to bring people together.  Similar to universal appeal of music and food, sports are able to transcend typical social barriers including race, gender, religion, creed, language etc..  In this full feature documentary project I'm setting out to capture the raw impact that soccer has on individuals from various backgrounds.  What is seen as simply a game to many actually has the power to be a vehicle for positive social change.  Soccer, or football as it deserves to be call has directly impacted politics and warfare,  doubles as a tool in assimilation in countless countries, and it also instils important social skills through teamwork and perseverance.  The game makes these huge impacts all while functioning as a simple sport with few rules and modest requirements to play.  I'm pursuing stories here at home in the USA as well as abroad in countries like Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, England, Mexico, Israel and Brazil during the upcoming world cup.  This project will eventually appeal to all of those interested in sports, travel, culture, and our society as a whole.